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We Need Everyone's Help to protect the Fox River!

Friends of the Fox River cannot achieve its mission without the participation of concerned citizens like you. Your membership will help to maintain our existing programs and assist us in expanding our work in the watershed.

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    Water Quality

    Browse water quality resources here. Learn about the Fox River and ways to protect it. Visit our events page and plan to take action today! Continue reading »

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    View maps of the Fox River watershed region, including watershed, dams and wastewater treatment plants. View maps »

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    Press Releases

    Browse the press release archives to learn more about what the Friends of the Fox River are up to! See press releases »

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    View our reports to see how we are living up to our mission statement. Our mission is to preserve, restore and protect the Fox River Watershed’s resources by connecting people with nature through education, research, restoration and advocacy. See reports »

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    Plan to help us plant more sections of the river with water willow plants. When established, these plants create fish habitat and provide many other environmental benefits. Continue reading »


Free Event For Kane County Homeowners

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A storm drain is not a garbage disposal

From our President, Gary Swick ~ That hole in the street with the metal grate that is next to the c...

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Fact Sheet

  • 1. In Illinois, 13 dams impede the Fox River’s flow.
  • 2. Most Fox River dams serve no purpose.
  • 3. Fox River dams do not “improve fishing.”
  • 4. River dams degrade water quality.

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